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I am finally back/UPDATE

May 20, 2014 - Author: lifewithgiada

It has been a very busy few months and i have not had a chance to get back into blogging. The more i think about it, the more i miss it. Little miss goes to bed pretty early and she is with her dad two days/nights a week, so i should be making some time for the blog.

Little miss goes to music class every monday and she absolutely loves it. it is great for her and it helps with the week and routine. We also try to go to the library 1-2 times a week, usually on the way to drop her off at her dads. She loves the library, doing puzzles and coloring and picking out dvds. We are going to start reading some books there soon as well. I had put that off because she had been ripping pages in her books at home and has finally started to stop that.

Little miss is also 3 now! She is so smart and sweet and also stubborn but amazing. I will post and update soon with milestones since the reason for this blog was to post about her growing and my life as a mom.

I am looking into some reviews and giveaways to hopefully do to start getting my blog out there.

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New Year, New Start

December 30, 2013 - Author: lifewithgiada

It will be 2014 in less then 2 days. And it has been quite a year. Between having a two year old, heartbreak, money problems and more. So this year HAS to be different and i HAVE to stick to it and make some changes in quite a few areas of my life. I figured i would type up a blog to put it all in perspective.. in no order of course..

1. My blog – I put the money up months ago to restart the blog and posted once since. I used to love blogging and doing reviews, giveaways, sharing recipes, deals and moments in my life and i have really slacked. I can not blog daily but i need to make an effort to blog a couple of times a week and schedule some posts to keep the blog going.

2. Menu Planning – I love to menu plan but never seem to stick to it. When i don’t it leads to way too much ordering out and money spent that shouldn’t be. I need to plan breakfast, lunch and dinner, maybe even snack for little miss. I also need to shop for the week at a time and budget what i spend weekly on food.

3. Budget – I have limited income and find myself close to broke before the end of the month and it gets stressful. Little miss will of course have everything she wants and i am taking the money out for music classes which she loves. But i need to come up with a weekly budget for gas, necessities, and for fun stuff too. I do not need to order out often but i should take one night a month too and put a little aside for when we are out for the day and need to stop for lunch somewhere. Everyone deserves a treat.

4. My Health – I have to watch what i eat, which is also a reason i need to cut down fast food and order out. I hate dieting but i want to try to eat healthier and maybe find a fun class to take like dancing or something, and when it isnt as cold walks with litte miss.

5. My Daughter – Little miss is my world, but with low funds and just not being happy with the way my life is i feel like she is missing out. We were going out but maybe not as much. I need to get us both on a weekly routine. I have her signed up for music classes like i said above, and i am going to take her to more library events. I would love to make some mom friends for some play dates as well. I will also try to stick to starting some “school” with her everyday. Even if for only a half hour here and there.

6. My Life/Everything – my friend and i were talking about how i have to find myself. I really do. I am going to start going to church and becoming involved with that. I am really looking forward to it. I need to take some me time when i can and maybe find some hobbies or activities i can do when little miss is with her dad, since i will be doing a bit with her the days i have her. I need to make some new friends in my area and try to get out once in a while for a girls night. Sometimes i forget about myself because i am so focused on being mom.

7. Love – I hate being lonely. HATE IT. For a while i felt like i had to always have a guy in my life. I need to focus on myself and little miss and just let love happen when the right guy comes along. I have been looking well over a year and have only gotten my heart broken. So i am sitting back and hoping it just happens when it is meant too:)

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Menu Plan Monday – 9/29-10/6

September 30, 2013 - Author: lifewithgiada

I am so excited to be back menu planning. I really hope to stick to it for the month of October. I order out and stop at fast food way too much since i haven’t been shopping properly and i end up broke before the end of the month and trying to come up with what to make with what is in my stockpile.
It is the end of the month so i am going to try to use what is here since i am trying to wait to go shopping until saturday. I may pick a few things up on wednesday though.
I decided i need to plan BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER ahead of time so i know what i am making.
I also have an almost 2 1/2 year old so planning her meals will make the day run smoothly. She eats almost everything I eat so it should make planning easier.
Now onto the menu..
I was going to do some baking and such this week but i am saving all that for next week since she is going to her dads an extra day and i want to use up a lot of what is here.
Little miss usually goes to her dads tuesday night- wednesday night and saturday morning to sunday early afternoon. This week she is going an extra day since his fiance was on vacation and missed her and asked if she could come an extra day and this mama is ready for a break! lol

*most meals i make sure to give little miss an applesauce or fruit cup depending on what the meal is, she also likes salad so if we have some in the fridge she has salad with her dinner

SUNDAY- D- crockpot meatballs and sauce over spaghetti, salad, bread

MONDAY- B- cereal
L- leftover roast chicken, potatoes, applesauce for little miss and i think i will make a quick chicken salad with the leftover chicken
D- meatball pannini’s, potato salad, corn on the cob
(little miss will probably have the meatballs cut up on bread)

TUESDAY- B- pancakes out
Lunch and Dinner little miss will be at her dads so i will just whip up something easy for myself

WEDNESDAY- little miss is at her dad’s for the day so i will fend for myself and possibly foodshopping

THURSDAY- B- little miss will be at her dad’s
L- out – we will be going to Gymboree at the mall for Jumpstart’s Read for the Record – Otis by Loren Long
D- some kind of baked thick boneless pork chops, noodles and gravy, peas

FRIDAY- B- waffles, fruit
L- macaroni and cheese, applesauce
D- Pizza night! we will either make pizzas, frozen pizza or order pizza

- B- something easy
Lunch and Dinner little miss will be at her dad’s, so i usually fend for myself or go out

SUNDAY- B- Little miss is at her dad’s
L- Grilled Cheese
D- I am hoping to make Chicken Cacciatore over pasta, salad, bread

What are you having this week?
link up with other menu planners over at OrgJunkie

What are some of your easiest, quick make ahead breakfasts?
I am in need of ideas that are easy and quick for breakfast for my daughter besides cereal, waffles, pancakes and eggs. Any crockpot recipes for breakfast you swear by? or what freezes best? I would love some ideas!

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September 11, 2013 - Author: lifewithgiada

Welcome to my blog! I finally got my .com

I am working on getting everything set up and in a couple of days i should be ready to launch the site and start posting.

In the meantime please subscribe via email in the box to the left so you dont miss any posts. Emails are sent once a day if there were any posts that day.

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Hello world!

- Author: lifewithgiada

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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